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Edmonton Headshots, Editorial Photos and Properties-

So if you have been following our work you probably noticed we do many headshots! We love bringing out the best in everyone and are quite passionate about your “branding.” We think YOU are your brand’s most important image and therefore you need a high quality photo of yourself no matter what you do! We all have grimmaced at the personal photo people use for articles- the one of you in your graden or the one taken of you with a group of friends and you strategically cut yourself out…you know the one! We have all done it! I think the quality of your photo speaks volumes about who you are and if you are willing to cut corners.


The clients below have all come to me for various business needs… one is a mortgage broker, one has various business endeavors, one is in advertising and one specific lady needed a photo of herself for her front page article. I am glad to have been hired by HR Reporter Magazine (Thomson Reuters) to provide a quality image of Lori Campbell from Enbridge! We love doing editorial photos and this is our 2nd magazine to do work for (our first being County Guide Magazine.)






Lori Campbell Enbridge

Lori Cover

Nabeel Headshot

Rosemary Headshot




And, of course, we had to fit in some property photos in somewhere! It’s a constant and favorite of ours!

Property Photos


See you all in a week or two! 🙂