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University of Alberta Residence Services, Conference Services and International (Marketing)

One of our biggest clients (both name and work wise) is the UofA. Residence Services has sone a lot of rebranding over the last couple of years and we are super thankful to be a part of it! This is just a bit of what we have been up to with them over the last 3-4 months!


Just some of the photos we have done for Residence Services over the last couple of years used in marketing and in the office on giant canvases! Looks awesome!

UofA-Residence Services Ads


Some Residence Services work we did for Augustana in Camrose!

UofA Augustana1

UofA Augustana2


Some photos we did for the International Department showing potential students from far away lands what it’s like at the Univerity of Alberta!

UofA International

UofA International Studies


Residence Services also hired us for the work they are doing with Hospitality Services/Lister Conference Rooms!

Conf Guestroom uofa

Conf uofa1

Conf uofa2

Conf uofa3