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Spring/Summer 2014 Update: Portraits, Corporate and Event Photos Galore (

I get asked ALL the time how I can work so much! Most people find it hard to put in their 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. The difference is that I enjoy what I do… I actually CHOOSE to do this. As a self employed full time photographer I work to no set schedule (I am on call pretty much 7 days a week) and if I am not shooting an event or some promo materials (…or a lovely family… or a wedding… etc) then I am editing in my office or answering inquiries (…or sending out proposals…or restocking/ordering/updating marketing materials…or networking… or updating software…etc.) It REALLY is a part of me!


Do I get tired of it? Honestly? Not for a single moment! Can you believe it?! I am lucky enough to have found a career that energizes me more than it tires me! I actually have a job that gets as close to not feeling like a job than any job can get! I thought about this the other night… what makes me love it so much? Other than the interracting and making people happy..what makes THIS the career for me? And then it hit me….




I am blessed on my career path to be able to shoot so much variety in every shoot! Don’t underestimate that it IS a lot of work to change your mindset from a corporate job to a kid’s event in a matter of hours BUT it is also really interesting and it keeps me on my toes!


With this said the best way I can tell you is to SHOW you. Here is what has been up to the last couple of months! (Minus some wedding photography… those are a blog or two on their own!) 😉



Alberta Pipe Trades Competition and Awards!

Alberta Pipe Trades Competition


Bioware Family BBQ Event (Photos of individuals have been omitted by request of client.)

Bioware Summer Family Party


Streetside Developments (Qualico) Showhome Photography



Bedrock Homes (Carrington) Showhome Photography

Collage Bedrock MapleCrest


Hey!Wire Electric Ltd (Promotional Images for Marketing.)

Hey Wire


Team and Individual Kids Soccer Photos



Cake Smash 1 Year.

Cake Smash Avery


Now how can anyone get tired or bored getting to photograph such variety!

Thanks to everyone who keep me on my toes- now and in the future!