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Portrait and Event Photography- Crystal Puim Photography

Hi everyone!

Boy were we busy in 2014 and with SO much variety of shoots that our creative juices were allowed to flow non stop!

Here is the next blog with all of the portrait and event photography we did in the last few months.

You know what they say- a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let them speak! 🙂

We just want to thank everyone again for such an amazing year and if you are in need of any portrait and event photography sessions please do not hesitate to reach out to us here!



Jen ChandosJen Chandos 2

Jen from Chandos Construction- she needed some headshots for her speaking engagements.



Dave Hagen is Canadian Safety Occupation Magazine’s safety leader of 2014! We were hired by the Thomson Reuters magazine to shoot the cover and the editorial on this fascinating individual!



This was not our first magazine editorial but it was our first cover so we were over the moon to be referred to shoot this! 🙂


The University of Alberta kept us busy the summer of 2014 and continue to be one of our favorite clients! First we were asked to photograph some UofA research interns!

They are doing some amazing work as you can see…robotics and scientific advancements that are mindblowing!

UofA Research Intern 1

UofA Research Intern 3

UofA Research Intern 2

UofA Research Intern 4



We then got to photograph 4 days worth of Sudent Move-ins! September was a busy month for them but it ran smoothly!! I am definitely proud to be an alumni! 🙂

Move In 2014 1

Move In 2014 2

Move In 2014 3

Move In 2014 4

Move In 2014 5



Then we got to photograph Basecamp when the students of the University of Alberta give back to their communities- they are teaching them well!


Some made lunches and delivered them to those in need!

Basecamp 2014 1

Basecamp 2014 2

Some helped out at rec centres and even on their own campus buy doing general clean up!

Basecamp 2014 3

Basecamp 2014 4

Basecamp 2014 5

And some even helped out at the University farm! Everyone had a great time!

Basecamp 2014 6

Basecamp 2014 7



And as we have done for a few years now we also got the immense pleasure of photographing the yearly Block Party!!!

BlockParty 1

BlockParty 2

BlockParty 3

BlockParty 4

Even the mayor, Don Iveson, came out and had some fun!

BlockParty 5

BlockParty 6

BlockParty 7


We have more to show you so stay tuned!!!