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Property Photography (Part 1 of 2)

Hi Everyone!

So continues our blog entries for the latter part of 2014. We just wanted to show you what kept us busy the last half of last year and a HUGE part of us being able to say we grew DOUBLE in 2014 was property and interior photography.

We welcomed new clients such as MLC, Haynes Homes and Chandos Construction and got to work with favorites such as University of Alberta Residence Services and Tristate! Most of our work came from builders needing their homes photographed for award submissions for the CHBA awards and in our 2nd blog post on property photos you will see that our good friends Bedrock Homes and our new clients Daytona kept us busy for the majority of it! 😉

 Without further wait….


MLC hired us to photograph both the new properties of Allard and the block party they put on for the residents and guests!

Allard Showhome Parade 1

Allard Showhome Parade 2

Allard Showhome Parade 3


…And we also worked with MLC again to photograph the community of Southpointe.

Southpointe MLC1

Southpointe MLC2


Our awesome friends at Tristate hired us on again for the CHBA awards and were actually the referrals that got us the MLC offer so a huge thanks to them!

Referrals are SO nice to get- they let you know your clients were happy enough with your work to be your champion!

Tristate Homes 1

Tristate Homes 2

Tristate Homes 3


We also shot Hayne’s Homes first property! I got the honor of photographing his wedding earlier in the year!

Haynes Homes 1

Haynes Homes 2

Haynes Homes 3


We also got our first project from Chandos Construction. We had meetings with them a couple of years ago for future Edmonton shoots and got accepted as one of two preferred vendors and we finally got to photograph one of their properties which was Brookfield Residential’s new office on the southside of Edmonton. They seemed to have been quite pleased with these adding that we “knocked it out of the park.”

Chandos for Brookfield Office 1

Chandos for Brookfield Office 2

Chandos for Brookfield Office 3

Chandos for Brookfield Office 4


And we also got to shoot for our awesome friends at Residence Services (University of Alberta)! Some nighttime promo shots for their brochures…

UofA Residences at Night 1

UofA Residences at Night 2

UofA Residences at Night 3


More to show you in part 2 of our property blog segment with our friends Berdrock and Daytona Homes!

Until then,

Crystal xoxo