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Property Photography (Part 2 of 2)

Hello Everyone!


This final blog installment wraps up the photos we fell behind on in 2014 when we grew 100% in our business!! We are SO thankful and BEYOND humbled by the work our wonderful clients sought us out to do!

This last installment is comprised of two of my favorite clients who kept us pretty busy by themselves from around end of August to middle of October! Bedrock (Carrington) Homes and Daytona Homes had an amazing year last year and thus submitted many entries for the annual CHBA awards! Below are just SOME of the photo work we did for them (please be patient as loading may take a few seconds…. there are A LOT of photos!)


Bedrock Homes

Ambleside Bedrock 1

Ambleside Bedrock 2

Ambleside Bedrock 3



Fraser Bedrock 1

Fraser Bedrock 2

Fraser Bedrock 3



Harvest Ridge Spruce Grove Bedrock 1

Harvest Ridge Spruce Grove Bedrock 2

Harvest Ridge Spruce Grove Bedrock 3

Harvest Ridge Spruce Grove Bedrock 4

Harvest Ridge (Spruce Grove)


One at Windermere Bedrock 1

One at Windermere Bedrock 2

One at Windermere Bedrock 3

One at Windermere


Schonsee Bedrock 01

Schonsee Bedrock 02

Schonsee Bedrock 03

Schonsee Bedrock 1

Schonsee Bedrock 2

Schonsee Bedrock 3



Schonsee Sales Centre Bedrock

Schonsee- Sales Centre


Sales Centre Bedrock

Sales Centre


Exteriors Bedrock

Exteriors Bedrock2




Daytona Homes

Chapelle Daytona Homes



Edgemont Daytona Homes 1

Edgemont Daytona Homes 2

Edgemont Daytona Homes 3



Erin Ridge St.Albert Daytona Homes 1

Erin Ridge St. Albert- Community Photos


Erin Ridge St.Albert Daytona Homes 2

Erin Ridge St.Albert Daytona Homes 3

Erin Ridge (St Albert)


Lake Summerside Daytona Homes 1

Lake Summerside Daytona Homes 2

Lake Summerside Daytona Homes 3

Lake Summerside


Orchards Daytona Homes 1

Orchards Daytona Homes 2

The Orchards


Paisley Daytona Homes 1

Paisley Daytona Homes 2



Rosenthal Daytona Homes 1

Rosenthal Daytona Homes 2

Rosenthal Daytona Homes 3



Stewart Gardens Daytona Homes 1

Stewart Gardens Daytona Homes 2

Stewart Gardens Daytona Homes 3

Stewart Gardens


The Brickyard Stony Plain Daytona Homes 1The Brickyard Stony Plain Daytona Homes 2

The Brickyard Stony Plain Daytona Homes 3

The Brickyard (Stony Plain)


…. Thanks for all the beautiful homes guys! If you re a builder and want a quote please contact us anytime!


To check out more about these builders head on over to their websites: Bedrock



Until next time! xoxo