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Hi Everyone!

2015 came in with a Lion’s roar with quite a few shoots- over 75% from returning customers! We have the best clients and want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who continue not only to hire us but also recommend us to other clients seeking professional photography services! This is our 6th year being self employed full time and we take our commitment to our clients very seriously by sending out the best product we can!

We love shooting Edmonton corporate and event photography. It’s a passion to be able to serve so many amazing corporations.

Daytona Homes

The year started with a scheduled shoot for Daytona Homes for one of their new showhomes in the community of Renew (located in Rosenthal.) Clean lines, thoughtful additives like a dining room area shelving display and large gorgeous windows is what sets Daytona Homes apart! If you are looking for simple and clean design Daytona Homes just may be your builder!


Bedrock Homes

We also got to catch up with another amazing builder- Bedrock Homes! These homes are sure to delight with amazing floorplans and an eye for detail! When photographing a Bedrock Home I always think of exciting design and luxury! We had a busy January shooting 4 of their properties (2 Single Family Homes and 2 Duplexes) and each one was stunning! My favorite parts of their designs is their luxury bathrooms and their beautiful den areas with light French doors! If you are in the market to buy you must stop into a Bedrock Showhome.


Bedrock Homes Campaign Shoot

On top of photographing Bedrock’s beautiful showhomes this was our first year getting to shoot campaign for them! We are half done with 3 concepts and will shoot the 2nd part of the campaign later this Spring. Look for the ads in newspapers and on sides of buses! That’s right- some of these comical ads will be adorning Edmonton Transit buses and maybe even billboards so keep an eye out!


Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

This month we got to see our first magazine cover in print thanks to Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine! Dave Hagen was the Safety Leader of the Year and we did a quick shoot on location with him for the magazine! The photos must have depicted Hagen in the right light as Chemco requested photos of their Safety Leader! We hope to get an opportunity to work with Chemco in some other capacity in the future!



Degraves Pallard & Associates

Nicole from the office of Degraves Pallard & Associates LLP booked us in December to come out and do headshots of the staff. We offer on location headshots for staff of 8 or more. They were a thrill to photograph and were super accommodating so if you are in need of some accounting services you may want to give this team a call! When doing headshots on location for an entire team the price per person can go extremely in favor of the client (it’s like buying in bulk, right?) and it can be as affordable as mere dollars per person! In today’s day and age people want to see who they are working with or talking to!


Individual Headshots

Don’t have an entire team but need headshots? We have a small studio we can offer! Patti of Soulnotes contacted us to get headshots done for her book’s bio and for marketing materials! I loved meeting Patti- a genuine soul who knew the importance of putting her best face forward! I can’t wait to read her book!


University of Alberta (International Department)

We also did some winter exteriors for our friends at the University of Alberta (International Department.) Objective: to show how our campus looked in our wintercity and to make it look inviting! I think international students will have a great time experiencing our winters and seeing that campus can be beautiful all seasons of the year!



And speaking of winter we were hired by our good friends at Elk Island Park to photograph a group of people who came out as part of Edmonton’s Winter City Festival. It’s not everyday people can see the inside workings of Elk Island and their Bison reserve. After an awesome lunch over a firepit the event ended off with seeing how beautiful the National Park can be in the winter by taking a small hike around Astonia Lake!


That’s a wrap for now- thanks again for all the wonderful things we get to photograph and experience!

If you think we could be of help with your corporate or event coverage needs please reach out!

Crystal 🙂