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UofA Residence Services Portfolio- Crystal Puim Photography

UofA Residence Services Portfolio

It’s always quite an honor (with a bit of odd mixed in) when a client of yours asks for you to photograph promotional items that have images you took for them. It’s also a relief because you know the client liked your work enough the first time around to hire you again. Specifically this time to take photos of it for their portfolio! When we were approached to photograph the UofA Residence Services portfolio for Lindsay we were floored and happily squealed out ‘Yes!”

I have been blessed to work with the University of Alberta time and time again. Residence Services, International and the Conference Services departments all do brilliant work and we love working with them. It’s so cool to see the body of work you produced over the years used in such amazing promotional materials. Knowing that thousands of eyes have seen it is surreal! Thank you for entrusting us with your image and branding. Thank you for being amazing over the years we have worked with you.

And without further ado I am proud to show you the University of Alberta Residence Services Portfolio! We are quite proud of everything we have shot over the years. A special thank you goes out to Lindsay McLeod and the team at Residence Services who trust in us time and time again!

If you think we can help you with your marketing needs please feel free to reach out to us anytime! And for more information about the University of Alberta Residence Services department you can visit them here!


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