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CHBA Award Season- Crystal Puim Photography (Alberta Showhome and Property Photography)

Hi Everyone!


As you may already know our busiest season is late Summer to early Fall with last minute rushes to photograph homes for the annual CHBA awards. We are very fortunate to work with some amazing builders here in YEG and surrounding areas here in Alberta. With so much work on the go we haven’t had time to blog about all the various subjects we got to photograph these last 2-3 months so we thought it would be great to catch up and start with some of the beautiful homes we got to photograph. This is just a small sampling of each builder’s homes and we hope you have as much fun looking at these beautiful layouts as we did photographing them!



San Rufo Homes

IMG 3780-EditWEB

IMG 3789-EditWEB

IMG 3466-Editweb

IMG 3463-Editweb

IMG 3474-Editweb

IMG 3608-Editweb

IMG 3561-Editweb

IMG 3556-Editweb


Bedrock Homes

IMG 4421-EditWEB

IMG 4429-EditWEB

IMG 4440-EditWEB

IMG 4446-EditWEBIMG 4487-EditWEB


City Homes Master Builder

IMG 5265-EditWEB

IMG 5308-EditWEB

IMG 5323-EditWEB

IMG 5426-EditWEB

IMG 5438-EditWEB

IMG 5443-EditWEB

IMG 5498-EditWEB


Reidbuilt Homes










Daytona Homes

IMG 2971-EditWEB

IMG 2979-EditWEB

IMG 2981-EditWEB

IMG 2995-EditWEB

IMG 3014-EditWEB

IMG 7928-EditWEB

IMG 7966-EditWEB

IMG 7992-EditWEB

IMG 7993-EditWEB

IMG 8017-EditWEB

IMG 8046-EditWEB

IMG 7831-EditWEB

IMG 7848-EditWEB

IMG 7867-EditWEB

IMG 8082-EditWEB

IMG 8083-EditWEB

IMG 8113-EditWEB

IMG 8128-EditWEB

IMG 8136-EditWEB

IMG 8138-EditWEB

IMG 8231-EditWEB

IMG 8247-EditWEB

IMG 8278-EditWEB

IMG 8282-EditWEB


Landmark Homes

IMG 9286-Editweb

IMG 9299-Editweb

IMG 9302-Editweb

IMG 9377-Editweb

IMG 9404-Editweb

IMG 9412-Editweb

IMG 9426-Editweb

IMG 9452-Editweb

IMG 9477-Editweb

IMG 0766-EditWEB

IMG 0772-EditWEB

IMG 0779-EditWEB

IMG 0795-EditWEB

IMG 0805-EditWEB

IMG 0898-EditWEB

IMG 0905-EditWEB

IMG 0921-EditWEB

IMG 0963-EditWEB

IMG 0990-EditWEB

IMG 3898-Editweb

IMG 3924-Editweb

IMG 3941-Editweb

IMG 3966-Editweb

IMG 3976-Editweb

IMG 1489-EditWEB

IMG 1498-EditWEB

IMG 1517-EditWEB

IMG 1533-EditWEB

IMG 1543-EditWEB

IMG 1552-EditWEB

IMG 1568-EditWEB



Best of luck to all the builders in the annual CHBA awards!!!