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Promotional/Corporate/Commercial Photography in Edmonton -Crystal Puim Photography

Recently we started blogging about what has kept us so busy in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The first blog was dedicated solely to home builders and CHBA award season as it is property photos that has kept us blessed and busy! The builders we work with are amazing and to be able to photograph their creations is a true honor! This blog continues with other projects we were kept busy with in the 3rd quarter which all have promotion in common. Promotional/Corporate/Commercial Photography in Edmonton is a booming and busy area for photographers.

All our clients are amazing and they see the importance of having their very own promotional photos. In today’s social media age we want to feel connected to a business before we shop there. Business transparency is so important as it builds a relationship with your future customers/clients before they even chat with you! These following businesses trusted us to help show who and what they were all about and I want to send out a huge thank you to the following clients being featured here:

-Prowse and Chowne LLP

-Hawkstone Physical Therapies

-Augustana University

MLC/ HV Nine LTD– Derochers Villages


-Edmonton Current Planning

-Bedrock Homes

-University of Alberta- Residence Services

Happy viewing! And if you think we could be of service for your promotional/corporate/commercial photography in Edmonton please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Prowse and Chowne LLP Promotional Photos

IMG 2731-Edit

IMG 2692-Edit

IMG 3624-Edit

IMG 3641-Edit

IMG 3674-Edit

Hawkstone Therapies Promotional Photos

IMG 1333-EditWEB

IMG 1366-EditWEB

IMG 4295-EditWEB

IMG 4357-EditWEB

IMG 4230-EditWEB

IMG 4255-EditWEB

Augustana University Promotional Photos

IMG 1693-Editweb

IMG 1712-Editweb

IMG 1725-Editweb

IMG 1838-Editweb

IMG 1897-Editweb

Derochers Villages- MLC (HV Nine Ltd) Promotional Photos

IMG 0455-Editweb

IMG 0436-Editweb

IMG 0451-Editweb

IMG 0467-Editweb

IMG 0478-Editweb

IMG 0517-Editweb

IMG 0511-Editweb

Canada ICI Promotional Photos

IMG 9241-Limelight124WEB

IMG 9249-Lynnwood Shopping Centre 2WEB

IMG 9490-Shoppes of Boudreau St.AlbertWEB

IMG 9507-Aurora at SummersideWEB

IMG 9521-Park Vista Sherwood Park CentreWEBIMG 9523-Palomar2WEB

City of Edmonton Current Planning- Infill Homes

IMG 2144-Editweb

IMG 2176-Editweb

IMG 2189-Edit2web

IMG 2660-EditWEB

IMG 2668-EditWEB

Bedrock TestLive Campaign “Crowded Mudroom”

IMG 3351-EditIMG 3446-Edit

Residence Services- UofA Alder and Linden Promotional Photos

IMG 1075-Editweb

IMG 1091-Editweb

IMG 1098-Editweb

IMG 1117-Editweb

IMG 1121-Editweb

IMG 1131-Editweb

IMG 1141-Editweb

IMG 1157-Editweb