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2016- First Quarter (Part 1 Headshots, Events and Staged Shoots)

2016 Came in with a roar and I got to meet some amazing new clients and still got a flood of my regular clients! I am always pleased at how varied my client requests can be and yet they choose me for the style they see on my website! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who trusts me everyday to tell their story- I know how hard it is to stand in front of a lens or how hard it is to choose the right photographer to help communicate who you are and what it is you do! 




Corporate Portraiture/ Client: Colleen K

IMG 0669-Editweb

IMG 0740-Editcropweb

IMG 0715-Editweb


Corporate Portraiture/ Client: Dr. Vu

Dr Vu web


Acting Headshots/ Client: Abbey S



Corporate Portraiture/ Client: Landmark Homes



Corporate Portraiture/ Client: Reidbuilt Homes

reidbuilt sales team


Anti Bullying Rally (Event)/ Client: Southgate Centre

IMG 1418-Editweb

IMG 1407-Editweb

IMG 1413-Editweb

IMG 1420-Editweb

IMG 1428-Editweb

IMG 1435-Editweb

IMG 1441-Editweb

IMG 1446-Editweb

IMG 1452-Editweb

IMG 1457-Editweb

IMG 1500-Editweb

IMG 1510-Editweb

IMG 1524-Editweb

IMG 1526-Editweb

IMG 1535-Editweb


Staged Family Infill Photoshoot/ Client: Current Planning City of Edmonton

IMG 0835-Editweb

IMG 0793-Editweb

IMG 0773-Editweb

IMG 0743-Editweb


Infill Streetscapes/ Client: Current Planning City of Edmonton

IMG 0057-Editweb

IMG 0507-Editweb

IMG 0522-Editweb