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Builder Spotlight: Daytona Homes

Today’s builder spotlight: Daytona Homes.

Stunning gourmet kitchens. Gorgeous family rooms. Magnificent master suites. Daytona Homes has an impressive collection of professionally designed, master-built and innovatively staged new show homes in Edmonton. When we were approached by Daytona Homes to photograph their showhomes we were floored! Our love and appreciation for this builder only grew with the more homes we got to photograph for them- the layouts are stunning and thoughtfully designed. Below shows just some of the unique layouts and beautiful interior design that Daytona Homes has come to be known for.

For more information on Daytona please visit their website here! And if you think Crystal Puim Photography may be a good fit for your interior and exterior photographic needs please reach out!

We now present today’s builder spotlight: Daytona Homes.

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