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Edmonton Showhome Photographer- Builder Spotlight: City Homes Master Builder

We are so fortunate and proud to be a leading Edmonton Showhome photographer. We have had the pleasure of shooting for so many of Alberta’s top homebuilders and one of our favorites is the subject of today’s Builder Spotlight: City Homes Master Builder. With years of experience, City Homes offers truly unique homes and they have made the commitment to deliver innovation, superior quality, and exceptional customer service.

Do you have a home or showhome that could use some top notch interior and exterior photographs? As an Edmonton showhome photographer who has been trusted by some of the biggest names in the homebuilding industry we would be happy to give you a quote. Reach out anytime!

To find out more about the City Homes Master Buider team and their offerings check them out at


002. ExteriorWEB

007. Main LevelWEB

009. Main LevelWEB

010. Main LevelWEB

011. Main LevelWEB012. Main LevelWEB

017. Main LevelWEB

022. UpstairsWEB

023. UpstairsWEB

024. UpstairsWEB

025. UpstairsWEB

027. UpstairsWEB

029. UpstairsWEB

031. UpstairsWEB

034. UpstairsWEB

035. UpstairsWEB

005. Main LevelWEB

004. Main LevelWEB

003. Main LevelWEB

006. Main LevelWEB

007. Main LevelWEB

008. Main LevelWEB010. Main LevelWEB

011. Main LevelWEB

016. UpstairsWEB

021. UpstairsWEB

022. UpstairsWEB

024. UpstairsWEB

025. UpstairsWEB

027. UpstairsWEB

028. UpstairsWEB

001 Exterior 1WEB

002 Exterior 2WEB


011 Main Level 09WEB

008 Main Level 06WEB

014 Main Level 12WEB

015 Main Level 13WEB

019 Main Level 17WEB

020 Main Level 18WEB

024 Upstairs 03WEB

030 Upstairs 08WEB

033 Upstairs 11WEB

034 Upstairs 12WEB

038 Upstairs 16WEB

039 Upstairs 17WEB

042 Upstairs 20WEB

043 Upstairs 21WEB

044 Basement 1WEB

046 Basement 3WEB