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UofA Residence Services -Edmonton Corporate Photography

Looking back on my numerous years working with UofA Residence Services and other co departments I always get a smile. The people are terrific, the new students are always excited and willing to be part of our marketing photos and the University itself brings back memories of when I used to be a student there. I owe a lot to my professors and the amazingly talented people around me.

I get to do more shoots this year in the next couple of weeks- another school year will commence! I’m always happy to be called back to capture the smiling faces and nervous anticipation. I, myself, get to come back HOME. The University of Alberta will always be a huge part of what molded me into the person I am today so I am beyond honored to get to work with UofA Residence Services every year! For more information about the UofA you can visit them here!

If you think we may be able to help you with your photo needs don’t hesitate to reach out!

East Campus Move In (2015)

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Lister Hall Move In (2015)

IMG_6836-EditWEB IMG_6844-EditWEB IMG_6847-EditWEB IMG_6850-EditWEB IMG_6864-EditWEB IMG_6867-EditWEB IMG_6873-EditWEB IMG_6889-EditWEB IMG_6894-EditWEB IMG_6896-EditWEB IMG_6903-EditWEB IMG_6907-EditWEB IMG_6915-EditWEB IMG_6916-EditWEB IMG_6947-EditWEB IMG_6951-EditWEB IMG_6953-EditWEB IMG_6957-EditWEB IMG_6958-EditWEB IMG_6972-EditWEB IMG_6975-EditWEB IMG_6984-EditWEB IMG_6986-EditWEB IMG_6989-EditWEB IMG_7014-EditWEB IMG_7026-EditWEB IMG_7028-EditWEB IMG_7051-EditWEB IMG_7052-EditWEB IMG_7058-EditWEB IMG_7077-EditWEB IMG_7098-EditWEB IMG_7112-EditWEB IMG_7118-EditWEB IMG_7126-EditWEB IMG_7130-EditWEB IMG_7136-EditWEB

Basecamp (Service Day) 2015

IMG_7632-EditWEB IMG_7634-EditWEB IMG_7640-EditWEB IMG_7645-EditWEB IMG_7649-EditWEB IMG_7659-EditWEB IMG_7679-EditWEB IMG_7685-EditWEB IMG_7688-EditWEB IMG_7690-EditWEB IMG_7692-EditWEB IMG_7693-EditWEB   IMG_7712-EditWEB IMG_7714-EditWEB IMG_7718-EditWEB IMG_7731-EditWEB IMG_7736-EditWEB IMG_7741-EditWEB IMG_7743-EditWEB IMG_7744-EditWEB IMG_7747-EditWEB IMG_7748-EditWEB IMG_7753-EditWEB IMG_7757-EditWEB