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Edmonton Corporate Photographer- Corporate Branding and Custom Images for the Highly Visual Client

Corporate Branding

We are proud to be an Edmonton corporate photographer. Corporate branding is so important and it’s even more important to get curated custom images to stand out. Photography is about transparency- showing the world what you are all about. Whether it’s team headshots, photos of your work space or photos of your team doing what they do it is pivotal for the success of your identity to have relatable and honest imagery.

We Can Help Lead You

As an Edmonton corporate photographer we take our work very seriously. We can help lead you through the process to help find your voice and what stands you apart from others. Whether your photo needs are large or small we can help you make a lasting impact. Corporate branding is for small businesses and large. Even government departments need photos to help show what their departments do on any given day. We recently shot for the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development department. It was important for them to relay images that they could use for their social media and marketing needs.

Reach Out

If you think we could be of service to you and your team please reach out anytime. You can reach us here!


Hey! Wire Industrial Electrical Supply

We had worked with Hey! Wire in the past when they had just started out. hey were a smaller operation back in the day and the photos we created for them reflected the people that got the job done. This time Hey! Wire wanted to reflect their growth and the large sale operation that they now were. The photos needed to reflect how much inventory and how equipped they were for just about any sized order imaginable.


City of Edmonton Sustainable Development– Edmonton Service Centre creative pieces

We were contacted last November by the City of Edmonton Sustainable Development department about our capability to shoot on location with a very narrow time frame. They were in desperate need of staged images to use in their advertising and social media marketing. Their department along with a multitude of other City of Edmonton services were getting ready to move to their new building located on the Ice District and they were hoping to shoot in the new space before everyone arrived in the new year. We had to shoot around some pretty impressive Christmas decor and light displays in the lobby  and we had to bring props to various office and meeting rooms but we managed to pull off some naturally lit custom stock images that they an use for years to come.


Bedrock Homes Ltd– Who is Bedrock Homes?

Bedrock Homes Ltd has been a great client of ours over the last few years and we have had numerous opportunities to work with them and shoot their spectacular homes and floor plans and we also got to photograph parts of their Test Live campaign! Recently their sister company, Carrington, whom they shared office space with moved out to a new location and Bedrock approached us about shooting some fun and light hearted photos of their amazing staff and committed crew that make Bedrock Homes the awesome builder it is. Everyone was in good spirits and each department even came up with their own picture concept! Bedrock shows they are a great company fresh of ideas and energy.

Need some potential photos of your own? Want to make a visual impact to stand out from your peers and make a connection with your clients and the world around? Perhaps you just want to show what you have to offer. Whatever it may be we may be the ones to help!