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Edmonton Portrait Photography-Holy Trinity Cosmetology Class 2017

We had the thrill of offering our photography services to this year’s graduating cosmetology students at Holy Trinity School. I met their lovely teacher Diana Reis a few years ago through a mutual friend and when I saw her call for help to photograph some of her student’s year end creations I just couldn’t resist. It was a passion project. Every year we like to do something a bit different than our run of the mill editorial corporate photography and to be around so many talented kids with such passion and excitement was exhilarating. We giggled with them as they nervously brought their creations to get photographed. Have you ever seen a teenager’s face light up when they see a rough image from your camera? You quickly start to realize you have given them excitement for their future and what’s ahead of them! It was pretty thrilling!

We have some amazing talent here in Edmonton and these students show that in their work! Doing head shots or portraiture of make up and hair is a bit different then your average corporate head shot. The purpose is to show every detail of their creation in a single shot and for our first time I think the kids and I pulled it off!

Thanks for trusting us with your vision!


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