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Edmonton’s Headshot Photographer

We are officially Edmonton’s headshot photographer

…or at least we feel like we are! We have been shooting head shots for corporate clients and teams for over a DECADE now…almost TWO DECADES (yes, we’re older and wiser!) What we pride ourselves in is our ability to come to you and photograph your entire team- whether that means 2-200 people on staff we have you covered! In fact, the MORE staff or larger the team size the best bang for buck per person as we charge hourly.

You need a photographer that can organize a team of people while still having everyone relaxed and confident in front of the camera with little to no stress and we are often told that one of the best qualities about us is our ability to get things done efficiently and as quickly as possible while still maintaining a relaxed air about us that allows your team to relax and even *GASP* have fun! If your team isn’t comfortable in front of the camera it often shows and it takes years of experience and a chatty-go-lucky photographer to make everyone loosen up.

Some pointers for the big day?

Wear what you are comfortable in but make sure it has form and shape (it gets easy to lose yourself behind flowing dresses and excess material.) Be aware that photos become too busy and quickly become outdated the more makeup, jewelry or trendier the outfit.  Use matte makeup to even skin and while it’s encouraged that you dress similarly to how you dress everyday there IS something to be said for casual “smart” attire. Do wear clothes that slightly hug and make sure you are neat and presentable without being too stiff.

Rarely will bare arms translate well in a photo so be sure to bring a jacket/blazer etc if you want to try a sleeveless number. And if you are fair skinned stay away from reds and pinks as sometimes it pulls the pink from your face and you can end up looking entirely too rosy. Gem tones are always striking….Emerald, Sapphire, etc (black and white are still staples and easy to pull off.)

Remember to smile- it’s not too bad. Fake it until you find yourself actually having a good time because we promise you, at some point, you WILL have fun while groaning with your colleagues. Besides, it’s a break from every day work- that’s a definite bonus!

When you find yourself looking for Edmonton’s headshot photographer give us a shout. We’ll be glad to help! Give us a shout by reaching out here!

Client: Kasia (CodeWord Media Design)

Edmonton headshot photographer CodeWord Media DesignEdmonton headshot photographer CodeWord Media Design


Client: MCCAC (Municipal Climate Change Action Centre)

Corporate team headshots

Corporate team headshots

Corporate group photo Edmonton Alberta

Corporate team photo Edmonton Alberta

Client: Spruce Grove City Council

Spruce Grove City Council 2019

Spruce Grove City Council 2019

Client: Belvedere Golf & Country Club

Belvedere Golf and Country Club Headshots