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Crystal Puim Photography

Hi! I am Crystal and I looooovvveeee photography!

  • I graduated from the University of Alberta with a major in Art and Design in 2003 and have been shooting ever since.
  • I have a supportive and talented husband who offers his videography skills to my company from time to time.
  • I also have a yappy 9 pound Maltese named Pixel.
  • My favorite foods are cheese, chocolate and sashimi - but not all together!
  • I have more pairs of glasses than shoes.
  • I giggle a lot and love watching musicals and Elvis Presley movies.
  • I do all kinds of photography because I like to photograph everything!
  • My 2 best traits are I have a great sense of humour and have a strong work ethic.

You can find out more about me on my YouTube channel. Hope to hear from you soon!