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city of edmonton

Client Cejay Ventures Ltd West Jasper Place Semi Detached 9619-152St NW Infill Photographer Crystal Puim Photography Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton Infill Photographer

In 2020- an opportunity to shoot infill for Cejay Ventures Ltd We have had lots of opportunities over the years being an Edmonton infill photographer. Working with the City of Edmonton’s infill department for a handful of years was an…

Edmonton Ice District Sky Residences Suite C Crystal Puim Photography

Ice District Sky Residences

Ice District Development Partnership Our first “new client” of the year happened to be Ice District Development Partnership. Ice District Development Partnership is a joint venture between Katz Group Real Estate and One Properties also known as Ice District Properties)…

City of Edmonton News Conference. Edmonton Event Photography.

Corporate Photography for the City Of Edmonton

Corporate Photography for the City of Edmonton Doing corporate photography for the City Of Edmonton has been a rollercoaster ride of various shoots with different visual needs. We have been fortunate to work very closely alongside the City of Edmonton…